The marine artist dictionary


Contemporary marine art market

There is no better way to illustrate the market of actual marine art than to show a part of the excellent analysis of the best world's specialist in the domain: J.Russel Jinishian.

(click HERE for a direct access to his gallery website).

  Christopher Blossom  
YYY 19 years later YYY
Sold $6,500 in 1989   Sold $35,000 in 2008
  Don Demers  
YYY 20 years later YYY
Sold $4,000 in 1987   Sold $55,000 in 2007
  John Mecray  
YYY 20 years later YYY
Sold $45,000 in 1986   Sold $125,000 in 2006
  John Stobart  
YYY 23 years later YYY
Sold $90,000 in 1985   Sold $450,000 in 2008