The marine artist dictionary


Art and the sea at 21th century

What will be the future?

Obviously all the present artists are born in the 20th and most of them reached their art maturity, some times celebrity then. They generally are to be found within the previous century. Others are mainly active since the beginning of our century and below to it.

On top of classic medias, photography and video are more and more numerous.

peinture de Hamelin

The majority of the production come from US, but strangely, the style of artists who become famous at the end of the 20th is very classic, with quite often historical subjects.

Here are some external links for few famous artists with a more modern hand, displayed by one of the worldwide top marine gallery: (Russel Jinishian Gallery, Connecticut, USA) :
Castelli , Hagan,  Kramer, Parker ...

Jean Dayton