Le dictionnaire d'artistes de marine


Ci-dessous quelques oeuvres qui ont été signalées comme volées.
Faites nous savoir si vous en connaissez d'autres.

Artist: Georges REMI jr.
This painting was stolen at NAVIGA, Mons, Belgium, on 6th august 2000. It represents an Oostend fisher sloop
Size: 50 x 60 cm - Acrylics. Painted on agglomerated wood.
Check Belgium Official Marine Painters
Artist: Aivazovsky Check: http://rt.com/art-and-culture/news/aivazovsky-stolen-russian-businessman/
Artist: Nepo
The Red Sail Against Clearing Sky, Missing from gallery during Bastille Day 2009 show
Check: Huff Harrington Fine Art, Atlanta, Georgia 30342, tel: 404.257.0511
Artist: Rembrandt
On the morning of March 18, 1990, thieves disguised as police officers broke into the museum and stole The Storm on the Sea of Galilee and 12 other works. It is considered the biggest art theft in US history and remains unsolved. The museum still displays the paintings' empty frames in their original locations.
Check: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum of Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Artists: Don Maitz and Janny Wurts
This work and 22 others.
Check this website:
Don Maitz and Janny Wurts stolen works