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Born in July 1946, Bordeaux, France. For all his teen age, he admired his father hobby painting work, thinking he will never be able to do the same. Medical Doctor Diploma in 1972, he then settled as a G.P. in a countryside area SW of France.
Always sailing since his childhood, he sailed his boat from France to Caribbean in 1977, where painting began in 1978, while practicing in the tiny islands of Les Saintes, South of Guadeloupe, W.I.
In 1996, then settled in Palm Island, St Vincent & Grenadines, W.I. he was commissioned to paint a big underwater scene (8'x4').
Since then, the painting hobby turned in a real job, when medicine, (that he still practices as an emergency sailing doctor), turned in a secondary activity.
Technique is very classic : oil paint on canvas. He use both his own diving experience (now assisted by a digital camera with housing) and a lot of various documentation about fishes, corals, sponges ... for details.

He is as well painting over the surface, mostly commissions of naval battles with a very accurate and precise style: A 6feet wide Trafalgar, then a series of battles which could have change humanity like Salamino, Actium, Lepanto, Invincible Armada, Navarino... For three years, he completely focused on a series of 75 paintings about the Martinique naval history which should be displayed soon in a specific museum in this island. Actually (August 2016) he is working on an 11 feet wide canvas which will take hime dew months to achieve.

His work is displayed in many places of the Caribbean, like Barbados, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and Florida. He spend as well a lot of time in the making of this website.



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