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Described by Sotheby's of London as "the best, there's nobody else to touch him" and by The Mail on Sunday in January 1999 as "established as Britainís top living marine artist", Stephen Dews is a man at the peak of his profession.
Born in Yorkshire in 1949, Stephen Dewsís meteoric rise to success from distinctly unpromising beginnings, should be an inspiration to all young artists. From being the boy who failed his Art "A" Level, his work has now placed him at the pinnacle of the marine art world.

Following his graduation, Stephen Dews built up an astonishing portfolio for his first exhibition in 1976 and, on the exhibitionís first night, virtually his entire collection was sold. The following year he held an exhibition in San Francisco which also sold out to great critical acclaim and, since then, Stephen Dews has continued exhibiting regularly at leading galleries in London and throughout the world. He is now commissioned for several years in advance.
Confirmation of his pre-eminence came in the Sothebyís sale of Maritime Art in London on April 28th 1999, where his original, entitled Off Cowes, sold for the phenomenal price of £89,500 ($140,000). This result followed on quickly from the sale at auction in 1998 of the Stephen Dews painting An Opportune Breeze from the South East for £52,800.
Almost fifty Stephen Dews limited editions have now been published, most of which have long been ësold outí, and his work is avidly collected around the world. Above all, Stephen Dews lives and loves the subject he paints, and he spends much of his spare time sailing on his Swan 44, Fine Art.

(Source: Robert Perera Fine Art, UK)

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